How many vehicles and pedestrians use the area?

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    How much travel time will the change add to my journey?

    It all depends where you are travelling to and from. In most cases, this will add less than 20 seconds to your travel time. 

    Does this mean you just want to raise revenue by fining people?

    No. Council does not enforce speed restrictions. This change is about safety improvements, not revenue. 

    Why is the change needed?

    The community and the school has grown and is continuing to grow. 

    This means there are more people walking, riding and driving around the school and LB Davern Reserve - not just at school times, but at many other times as well.

    Council has been contacted by a number of people in the community expressing concern about pedestrian safety in the area. 

    The proposed new limit will make it easier for people to work out what speed they need to do when. 

    Have their been accidents in the area?

    There have been pedestrian accidents in the area. Fortunately, no-one was seriously injured. 

    We have also had a number of reported near misses. 

    How will the change improve safety?

    The faster you are travelling when an accident occurs, the more likely it is that a serious injury or death will occur. 

    Studies have shown a big difference in safety for pedestrians hit at 40 km per hour compared to 50 km hour. In fact, a person hit at 50 km per hour is four times more likely to be killed or injured than if they are hit at 40 km per hour. 

    Can't you just teach people how to walk around safely?

    Education is an important part of road safety, but it is not the only answer. 

    What else is Council doing to improve road safety in the area?

    Other road improvements....


    Other crossings....

    Who determines speed limits?

    Speed limits are set by VicRoads. 

    How much will the change cost and who is paying?