What is the Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO)?

    The SLO is an overlay in the Mitchell Planning Scheme. The purpose of the SLO is to identify, conserve and enhance the character of significant landscapes.

    The SLO can specify requirements for a planning permit for buildings and works and the removal of vegetation.

    Mitchell Shire currently has two areas covered by the SLO, the south side of the Trawool Valley and Kilmore’s Monument Hill and Kilmore Creek corridor (partly). 

    Will the SLO stop me from constructing buildings such as a dwelling or shed on my property or from farming my land?

    No. The SLO cannot prohibit development or change how land is currently being used.

    New planning overlays cannot require removal or retrospective planning approval of existing buildings.

    This will allow Council to assess new proposals in more detail once the SLO has been applied. This stage of the Landscape Assessment Study is nominating SLO boundaries and planning provisions. The boundaries and planning provisions are not final.

    What will and what wont the SLO require a planning permit for?

    Draft SLO provisions propose to exclude the following buildings and works from requiring a planning permit:

    • Water tanks
    • Open sided agricultural buildings
    • Agricultural sheds smaller the 150 square metres
    • Post and wire fences

    Any other buildings and works under the SLO requires a Planning Permit, including dwellings, larger sheds and solid fences.

    Full copies of draft SLO provisions which detail planning permit inclusions and exclusions are available on the project website.