Why do we have to have a policy?

    Victoria’s Gender Equality Act 2020 requires the Victorian Public Sector, local governments and universities to take positive action towards achieving workplace gender equality, and Mitchell Shire Council is committed to identifying and reducing the barriers to women and girls participation in sport and recreation.  In order to remain eligible for State Government infrastructure funding, it is a requirement to have a Fair Access Policy.

    What does a Fair Access Policy mean for my club?

    The successful implementation of the Action Plan will assist your club providing equitable opportunities for women and girls to participate, which in turn may increase the sustainability of your club through additional members and volunteers.

    We only have limited volunteers to run our club so who will be responsible for implementing the Fair Access Policy?

    The implementation of the associated Action Plan will be the shared responsibility of Mitchell Shire Council, the tenant clubs, the Facility Committees of Management and your State Sporting Associations.  The aim of the Policy is to reduce the barriers to female participation which may result in additional club members and volunteers to assist in the running of your clubs.

    If our club doesn’t have women’s or girls’ teams, will we be kicked out of our facilities?

    No.  The intent of the policy and action plan is to identify and address the barriers to women and girls participation in community sport and recreation.  Regardless of whether clubs already have women’s or girl’s teams, this Policy is about ensuring that there is equitable opportunities for access to all community sport and recreation facilities – not just in a playing capacity but in the management of these facilities as well.