Why are we conducting this survey?

    The aim of this survey is to gain an understanding of your knowledge of emergency management and preparedness, to identify opportunities to support the community in becoming safer, stronger and more resilient in emergency situations. 

    Your responses will help Mitchell Shire Council and your community to implement a Community Emergency Management Plan. 

    What is Community-Based Emergency Planning?

    Communities and organisations throughout Victoria are adopting a community-based emergency management approach to better connect and work together before, during and after emergencies. 

    This includes building relationships and using locally tailored processes for communities, emergency management agencies, government, business, industry and non-government organisations to participate in decision making processes that affect them.

    To learn more about the community-based emergency management approach you can visit:



    I would like more information on how to prepare my property for fire season, where can I get this information?

    Ensuring your home, property and building structures are prepared for bushfire can reduce the risk of injury and building damage that fire can cause.

    Further information around preparing your property for fire-season can be found at: https://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/plan-prepare

    I would like to increase my knowledge of how emergency management planning works, how can I do this?

    Increasing your knowledge in emergency management planning will help you feel more confident in the event of an emergency.

    In an actual emergency you may feel stressed and not able to think clearly. The more you have practiced and prepared for an emergency, the easier it will be to make decisions.

    Websites that can provide emergency management information and education are:

    CFA https://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/

    Emergency Management Victoria https://www.emv.vic.gov.au/

    Mitchell Shire Council https://www.mitchellshire.vic.gov.au/services/fire-and-other-emergencies

    Emergency Prepare: https://emergencyprepare.com.au/

    DELWP: https://www.ffm.vic.gov.au/

    The Bushfire Foundation:  https://www.thebushfirefoundation.org/prepare-your-property-for-bushfire/

    What is a community working group? .. and how do I volunteer to be part of it?

    A community working group is formed from representatives of the local community. It can include community members who live, work or own businesses in the community.  

    Ideally, a community working group is made up of three to six people who will represent community views and advocate for initiatives to improve community services, safety and other projects.

    To support the implementation of the Community Emergency Management Plan, the group’s role is to work with Council to provide local knowledge, represent community views and to support the community through the administration of the plan, including attending monthly meetings, educational sessions and events.

    If you think you might be interested in volunteering as a member of your community's group, please indicate this on the survey and enter your contact details, or email Vicky.gommers@mitchellshire.vic.gov.au