Project update - March 2021

Submissions to the Draft Broadford Structure Plan

The Draft Structure Plan has been out for community consultation in August and September 2020. By the end of 2020, we have received 65 submissions to the Draft Plan. Of the 65 submissions, 43 are from local residents, seven (7) from government/servicing agencies, six (6) from consultants/developers, five (5) from local businesses and four (4) from community groups. The status of the submissions can be categorized as: Six (6) are supportive, 26 are supportive and have requested changes, 22 are objecting and have also requested changes and 11 are objecting.

In November, December 2020 and January 2021 we have met with some of the submitters. Where possible we have done this on site, which has helped to clarify the submission and gives the opportunity to see if issues can be resolved.

In December and February we have updated our Councilors through a Steering Committee meeting. The Councilors have received a consultation summary report, which includes a description of the process undertaken so far and a summary of all the submissions.

A full document of 447 pages with all full submissions has also been shared with them. In the second week of March, the Community Liaison Group (CLG) established for the Broadford Structure Plan met and discussed the submissions and key topics emerging from consultation.

Six key topics have been identified: The Pine Plantation, the Jeffreys Lane Growth Precinct, the retail core in the Town Centre, the proposed employment land, the Strath Creek Road development and the provision of Community Infrastructure.

Currently we are working through changes we are proposing for each of those areas.

Next Steps

There will be a bus tour with members from the Community Liaison Group and Councilors in the first week of April. Once again we will be out on site to discuss key issues with them. After that bus tour, Council Officers will start to prepare a new version of the Structure Plan.

This new version will see changes based on the submissions made and conversations we have had over the last half year. It is currently estimated that it will take two to three months to produce.

This new version of the Structure Plan will then be discussed with our Councilors at a Steering Committee meeting and with the Community Liaison Group. After those meetings, a decision will be made if the new Structure Plan needs to be re-exhibited or if the consultation undertaken is deemed sufficient.

A Community Questions and Hearings Committee meeting on the Broadford Structure Plan will be organized later in 2021. This meeting will give all the submitters to the Draft Structure Plan the opportunity to present to our Councilors directly.

A date for this meeting is still to be confirmed.

Thank you for taking part in the Broadford Structure Plan consultation process. This survey is now closed. We're still in the process of drafting, but keen an eye on our meetings at 

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