Artist synopsis

Artist Donna Meyer

Synopses of images - Fromelles Memorial Mural

My aim was to design symbolic imagery to represent historical fact and evoke emotional response. During a research trip to Fromelles, France, I worked there with the local school children who assisted with the design process. In conclusion, the next generation of Fromelles citizens wished to see images of Australian soldiers, broken buildings and poppies and cornflowers.

Side one will commemorate the battle, and side two will commemorate the exhumation of the mass graves discovered in 2008 which resulted in the DNA matching of 250 missing Australian soldiers.

Both mosaics contain images of the Fromelles church. Churches are a common landmark in the North of France and you will find one in every village. The terrain of the Western Front is so flat, that you can see the churches outstretched for miles ahead and you can always make your way to the next village because of this.

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