Where will the centre be located?

    The centre will need to service the communities of Wallan and Beveridge and future communities that will be established further south towards Donnybrook in future years. 

    The survey is looking at potential users and needs from our existing communities and from our future communities. 

    The next stage of the study will be to identify possible locations for further discussion with the community. 

    When will the centre be built?

    It's difficult to commit to an exact timeline at this stage. 

    The study will help identify a timeframe based on population growth as well as construction costs and timelines.

    We are hopeful that this will be within the next 10 years, but that will depend on securing funding to assist with construction costs. 

    It may also be possible to stage construction depending on what concepts and locations are developed. 

    What will the centre look like?

    Concept plans will be developed based on the input we gather from the user survey. Once we've confirmed what programs and activities we need to cater for, we can develop concepts for input. This will also help identify likely costs and construction timelines. 

    How much will the centre cost?

    It is difficult to determine costs at this stage, but we expect this to be a major facility. 

    As an indication, the new Splash facility at Craigieburn cost in excess of $50 million. 

    An important part of the study is to finalise planning to the point that we are 'construction ready' so we can pursue funding opportunities. 

    Council will need to contribute funding to the construction as well. The study will help identify costs, timing and funding options. 

    Why can't we just build it now?

    There is a lot of work required to consult with the community to identify and secure a suitable site and to develop concept plans and project costings so that funding can be secured. 

    We also need to be mindful of any potential impact on Kilmore Leisure Centre membership in the short term and understand what population triggers will help council to offset the significant costs of constructing and running a centre of this scale. 

    Will this affect Kilmore or Seymour centres?

    The new facility will cater for population growth in the southern region of Mitchell. Our population is expected to grow from 48,000 to 270,000 over the next 20-30 years. This will create significant demand for a facility in the south. 

    We plan to continue providing aquatic and leisure services in Seymour and Kilmore in the long term. 

    In the short term, we do need to be mindful of the impact on Kilmore which has part of its membership base in Wallan and Beveridge. This will be a key part of the consideration around timing.