When will the project be constructed?

    The project will be constructed in 2023. 

    Once the design is finalised, Council will need to get approval from Melbourne Water for drainage improvements and works near the creek. We will also need to work with the Wurundjeri (full name) and archaeologists to ensure there is no cultural heritage on the site that might be disturbed before any works commence.

    What about my dog?

    Dogs will still be welcome in the park. The fenced area at the eastern end is currently used as an informal fenced dog off leash area, and this will not be impacted by this project.

    What about the road project?

    There are two road projects nearby: 

    The Watson Street upgrade by VicRoads will involve widening Watson Street, but will not require changes to the adjacent wetlands. As part of Stage 2 of these works VicRoads has committed to upgrading the path through the park to provide a shared trail route. Timing of construction has not yet been confirmed.

    The second project is a new north-south connector road associated with the King and Queen Street growth area. When this is constructed, it will impact on the fenced area at the eastern end of the park which is often used as an informal dog off leash park. This nature play and learn to ride trail project does not extend into or impact the current fenced area in order to avoid conflict with its current use or the future road. The timing for construction of the road is not known but may be some years away.