Stage 1 Community Consultation Report available

almost 2 years ago

Stage 1 Consultation for the Seymour Structure Plan involved a variety of participation methods and approaches. This enabled Council and the consultant team to acquire a significant range of inputs, suggestions and comments from all members of the local community.

Council have prepared the ‘Stage 1 Community Consultation Report’ which provides a summary of the community feedback received during the Stage 1 Background and Issues Consultation period.

The following key themes have emerged:

  • The Goulburn River – Many respondents have identified that the River presents a significant opportunity for Seymour. It was felt that it is generally underutilised by many local residents and visitors, and can play a key role for the future of Seymour.

  • Access – Seymour is well located within the context of Melbourne and also has good rail and road links to Melbourne and surrounding areas.

  • Perception – There is a general feeling that some people from both inside and outside of Seymour can hold negative perceptions of the town. However, engagement with non-locals suggested that these perceptions are far from universally held.

  • Better variety of housing – Whilst there is a reasonable amount of housing availability within Seymour, the situation could be improved by providing a wider range of housing to cater for individuals of all ages and abilities.

  • More jobs - Further employment opportunities within Seymour should be encouraged and supported. Employment opportunities will assist with the retention and attraction of people, including young people and families, to live in Seymour.

  • Better education – There is a need to improve the educational facilities currently available within Seymour.

  • Military history – Seymour has a strong military history background which should be protected, enhanced and promoted.

  • Natural landscapes – Seymour has a great country feel and benefits from the surrounding beautiful natural landscape; and it is important that this is protected.

  • Town centre – Seymour offers a strong town centre and good range of retail opportunities, but that some larger national retailers should be attracted to the town.

To view the Report, please click here