Why have these particular site locations been chosen?

    For both parks (Hadfield and Hudson), the proposed site locations have had to taken into consideration the existing Scouts market stall layout. These site locations will not disrupt the current market layouts. The locations are also close to existing public amenities for example, drinking fountains, public toilets and car parking.

    Who will be the supplier for this equipment?

    Council has undergone a quotation process and the successful supplier is a_space Australia pty ltd. Based in Melbourne, they have designed, supplied and installed this equipment (along with many other types of purblic space equipment) Australia wide.

    Why look into and deliver a project such as this?

    Given the health statistics for Mitchell Shire, the importance of looking towards creating an outdoor active lifestyle for the community has greatly increased. This project will aim to increase the value of the Shires parks, promote outdoor active lifestyles and save the community money on expensive Gym memberships.

    Neighboring municipalities (Whittlesea City, Hume City, Macedon Ranges, etc) have installed similar equipment within their community park spaces with great results.

    Will the equipment be accessible for all abilities?

    This project aims to include people of all ages and abilities. The smooth "soft fall" rubber surface will provide easy access around the equipment stations and the existing pathways within the parks will compliment that. 
    Each item of equipment allows flexibility to cater to the various strength, fitness and agility levels of the people using it.

    How do we use the equipment?

    Each item of fitness equipment will include a placard of information detailing how to use the particular equipment.  A web link and QR code scanner will also be included on the placard for direct access to demonstrational videos.