What is the purpose of this consultation?

    The Department of Justice have opened grant funding for Victorian Councils to submit applications for projects to implement measures to improve public safety and security infrastructure. Funding is available to support projects implementing good urban design techniques, and technology to improve community perception of safety in public places. We want the community to feel safe to use this space at any time, and to encourage increased and future use of Hadfield Park. 

    Council believe this is an opportune time to submit an application to implement measures to improve perceptions of safety at Hadfield Park, particularly with the development of the new Hadfield Park Play Space.    

    Who is involved in this project?

    Several teams across Council are working together to develop this project. The Community Development Team are leading the project, supported by Youth Services, Strategic Planning, Communications, Engineering and Infrastructure and Open Spaces. 

    Council are also working closely with external stakeholders, including Victoria Police, Neighbourhood Watch, Wallan Neighbourhood House, Bangers and Thrash, and many other user groups of Hadfield Park, to ensure this project remains community focused, and responds to community need.  

    If successful for the grant funding, what is Council proposing to do?

    Council would like your input on the following ideas that have been proposed:
    • Installation of public safety lighting to brighten up Hadfield during the evening and early daylight hours, encouraging use of the park at these times. 
    • CCTV, as a crime deterrent, and to improve perceptions of public safety in the area.
    Council welcome your ideas to these proposed improvements. Alternatively, you may have suggestions on other safety measures or projects?

    How would you like the space to be transformed to make it feel safer for all of the community to enjoy our beautiful Hadfield Park? Provide your comments, and this will help to steer us in the right direction! 

    Why Hadfield Park?

    Hadfield Park is a beautiful space in Wallan, and Council would like all of the community to enjoy it. This community space provides access to the Wallan Multipurpose Centre, Wallan Neighbourhood House, Wallan Skate Park, Wallan Tennis Courts, BMX track, RB Robson Stadium, Mechanics Hall, Public Toilets, and soon the new Play Space, providing an ideal location to implement infrastructure increasing the perception of public safety, and encouraging community to enjoy this great park!  

    Does this mean Hadfield Park is an unsafe place?

    Council play a role in ensuring that parks and recreational facilities are accessible and provide community with activated open space. Council continually source external funding to update these facilities providing a safe and welcoming environment to all community members.

    What do you mean by 'space activation'?

    By this, we mean projects that will make public spaces feel safer and more attractive for the community to use. 

    Think about projects that are creative and innovative, and those that will deter crime, support increased community use, maximise activity and encourage mixed-use activities, maximise visibility, and encourage safe movement within the area.

    When will Council find out if the application for funding is successful?

    The Department of Justice will notify us of the outcome in December 2016. Council will keep community up to date with the outcome of the Public Safety Infrastructure Fund. Alternatively you can visit The Department of Justice website to keep informed of the outcome. 

    Why is Council engaging online?

    Council acknowledges that many members of the community do not have time to attend traditional community consultation meetings or to provide written submissions. By engaging online, it allows community to provide feedback on issues that interest them at a convenient time and location. It also allows community members to see what others think about and issue or topic and to engage in a discussion. 

    Is my privacy protected?

    Yes! Your privacy is protected and Council will only use your email to contact you with updates or to invite you to participate in consultations. Your email address will not be distributed to any third party or used for any other purpose. You may like to review the privacy policy.

    We do not ask for your personal details or require them at any time as part of your participation in this website. If you are, however, interested in joining the Mitchell Community Voice Panel we will require some personal details.

    Why do I need to register to make a comment?

    Anyone can browse the Engaging Mitchell website and read the comments made by others.

    If you want to leave a comment you need to register using an email address. This is required for the following reasons:

    • By requiring you to register it helps to minimise the chance of the discussion being manipulated by the one person who leaves multiple comments supporting their own position.
    • It allows Council to keep you updated if there are any changes to the consultation. For example, if the submission date is extended or the design of the project is altered.

    It reduces the risk of inappropriate comments being made as participants are required to have a username.

    How is the online forum moderated?

    All moderation is carried out by Bang the Table, who is an organisation independent of the Mitchell Shire Council. No comments are edited or altered, unless they are considered offensive or significantly off the topic, in which case they will be removed from the site immediately. Please refer to the forum etiquette and moderation guidelines.

    How will my feedback be used?

    The comments and feedback provided on this website will inform Council on the topic being discussed. A summary of the feedback will be available on the website and sent out regularly via email.

    It is important to note, however, that this website does not replace formal submissions. If you want to make a formal submission on a particular issue, such as a planning or local laws matter you will still need to do this in writing to Council.

    Can I get help if needed?

    Yes. You can get help by clicking on the ‘help’ button on the left hand side of the top tool bar.