What is Recovery?

    Recovery is a deliberate process of assisting individuals and communities to manage the re-establishment of those elements of society necessary for their wellbeing.   

    Why do we need a Recovery Plan?

    Recovery normally means 'going back to normal' but this plan learns from the lessons exposed by COVID-19 to create an even better situation than before COVID-19.

    The plan lets us share an understanding of what happened and what still needs to be done to recover.  

    Why should I contribute?

    Your contribution will improve the plan.  The more contributions we have, the more effective the plan will be.

    How will the plan help me?

    Having the plan means we can all understand our options for supporting recovery.  Having this plan means that you have access to more information, analysis and support for initiatives, projects and grant applications.  The plan doesn't just help council but helps community and stakeholders to contribute to recovery. 

    How do I get help understanding the plan?

    If you would like assistance understanding the plan or giving us your feedback, feel free to contact the Community Development and Youth Services team on 5734 6200.