Councillor message

about 3 years ago

The Council Plan is our commitment to you for the next four years and for the future.

It is based on your ideas, your input and your vision for our community. This is your plan and we hope it reflects what matters to you.

Over 1000 passionate people have helped us prepare this plan. We have received some great suggestions and we’ve seen some clear themes emerging.

We know you want us to invest more in infrastructure and provide better services. We know you want us to have a much stronger voice when it comes to advocacy on your behalf to other levels of government and we know you want to have more input to Council decisions.

You have told us that you want us to prepare Mitchell to meet the challenges that our growing population is bringing. We know you want us to continue to improve Council’s finances and governance and we know that our environment and lifestyle in Mitchell Shire are important to you.

To address these themes, we have identified seven key strategic areas to focus on:
  • Advocacy
  • Community participation
  • Responsible planning
  • Strong communities
  • Supporting local jobs and quality investment
  • Financial and organisational management
  • Caring for our environment.

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Consultation has concluded