What is a Community Vision?

    A community vision is a high level plan that captures the long-term aspirations of the community. 

    The Mitchell Shire 2050 Community Vision will be driven, developed and owned by the Mitchell community, with Council as the facilitator of the development process.

    Why do we need a Community Vision?

    The new Local Government Act 2020 has created this once in a generational opportunity to work really closely and deeply with our community to build a shared vision we can all be proud of. It's the key piece of work that unlocks how we position ourselves to respond to the communities expectations for the future.

    What is the difference between the Community Vision, Council Plan and Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan?

    The Vision is developed with the community for at least a ten year period and sets out the community aspirations and goals.  

    The Council Plan is developed by Council and is a more detailed document regarding specific strategies and actions.

    A Council Plan is developed at the start of each Council term and sets out the strategic direction of Council for at least the next 4 financial years.  

    The Council Plan is informed by the Community Vision and sets out strategic objectives and strategies to achieve aspirations of the community and council.