11 May 2017

North Ward Budget Session (Seymour, 7pm)

Chittick Park, Pollard Street
16 May 2017

Central Ward Budget Session (Kilmore, 7pm)

Kilmore Customer and Service Centre, John Taylor Room, 12 Sydney Street
18 May 2017

South Ward Budget Session (Wallan, 7pm)

Wallan Youth Room, Wallan Multipurpose Community Centre, Bentinck Street
18 April 2017

Council Meeting to consider release of draft documents

24 April 2017

OKR FM (10-11am)

98.3FM in Kilmore and 97.1FM in Wallan
26 April 2017

Submissions open

27 April 2017

Seymour FM (10-11am)

23 May 2017

Submissions close

05 June 2017

Hearings Committee

19 June 2017

Council Meeting to consider adoption